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Featured Author: Helena Toscano

HELENA TOSCANO is a native of New Jersey. After graduating from Gibbs College in New York City, she lived and worked in Connecticut for a number of years. Now retired and currently living in Arizona, she frequently travels to Connecticut to spend time with her two daughters, her grandchildren, and the newest addition to the family...her granddoggie! Helena’s love for children has inspired her new passion for writing children’s stories. HERBIE HERMIT CRAB was published in the spring of 2014; LITTLE TRISH and her Adventures Under The Sea was published in 2015. She is founder and facilitator of''THE WRITE BUNCH','Writers and Authors Group, and in her spare time her hobbies are song writing, playing her guitar, art, reading, gourmet cooking, and gardening.

HELENA truly believes there are hidden 'writer talents' in all of us...the intrigue of imagination, the endless possibilities of ideas, and thoughts that beg to be shared in script. She's living proof that it's never too late and you're never too old (or too young) to live your dreams. And, speaking of dreams, her dream is to someday have her books made into an animated movie and a TV series.