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​-Excerpt from the book, 

        Doggie PET PEEVES

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​-Excerpt from the book, Little Trish and her Adventures Under The Sea.

  I M A G I N E

  C R E A T  E

​​​​​HERBIE HERMIT CRAB  is Helena's successful debut. What began as an idea for a fun children's story to give

to her daughter slowly blossomed into an endearing and inspiring children's book. Her recent publication,

LITTLETRISH and her Adventures Under The Sea  is a fun, creative story with lots of little twists and turns.

She's currently working on her third book. Wait and see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

"Wait!" she called back to them. "Please, don't go yet!" But all of the fish were too

far away. Nobody heard Little Trish.

How would she ever get home? Just

then, there was a sparkle in the water.


(for the older 'kids'

14 and up.)

Coming soon!

Watch for it!

  I N S P I R E

Helena Toscano...

​-Excerpt from the book,
Herbie Hermit Crab.

  I D E A

​​​"Wow!" ​Herbie Hermit Crab  could

not believe what he had just heard.

"She couldn't possibly be talking

about me?" he thought, almost afraid to believe it.

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